Frequently asked questions

Having the deepest of roots and relationships in our community is important in the practice of law. Having decades of experience in and around our courts is invaluable. We are blessed to live in a community where good people face challenges. We are uniquely prepared to help you in your time of need.

We except all legal payment methods including checks credit cards money orders, and debit cards.

Being a small town firm with deep roots in our community, we take great pride in answering and returning phone calls while agreeing to hold client consultations as needed.

There are dangers in handling any major or important issue without legal counsel. Investing in sound legal counsel saves money in the long run. Not having the assistance of quality legal counsel could cost you and those you love in the future.

David Herndon chose to return from law school to the community where his family has lived for seven generations. His sincere commitment to the individual citizen, neighbor, or friend is a unique asset.

You can call our office at 229–985- 1400. You may email David Herndon at [email protected].
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